Understand Your Competitors – The Top 10 Qualities Which Make a Real Estate Agent Successful

Understand Your Competitors - The Top 10 Qualities Which Make a Real Estate Agent SuccessfulThe way to success in real estate has many different paths. What works well for some real estate professionals may not work well for you. That being said, here are ten commonly used tactics to assist you in paving the way to success in your real estate ventures:

– Treat everything like a business would: Even though you may use the equipment and tools that are provided Continue reading

How To Rent Mobile Home Lots In A Down Economy

How To Rent Mobile Home Lots In A Down EconomyYou can’t be a mobile home park owner and not realize that the good old days are over in filling up vacant mobile home park lots. Those of us who owned parks in the late 1990s became spoiled with how easy it was to fill up a mobile home park. Back then, all you had to do was to meet with a few dealers, drop off some flyers, and you would start bringing in a home a week.

Enough of the history lesson, you’re Continue reading

Duties and Responsibilities of a Short Sale Realtor

Duties and Responsibilities of a Short Sale RealtorThe short sale realtor usually deals in mortgage money and comes to a point of understanding where they lowers the amount remaining on the loan, allowing the property holder to sell of the asset at a much reduced price to balance the payment of the loan.

It is an intricate business where they are supposed to offer advice and ensure that you speak to the proper council. As a short sale realtor, you need Continue reading

Parking Stencils Are Easy Enough For Beginners

Parking Stencils Are Easy Enough For BeginnersParking Lot Stencil Usage

The professional parking lot, as you may be aware, is much more than a simple expanse of pavement for cars to pile into. Seen from the top down, it is a carefully ordered arrangement of lines, shaded areas, icons and brief messages that assert control over what would otherwise be a rather messy affair. Anyone who underestimates the importance of these markings has never Continue reading

2011 Should Be a Fun Year to Work in Real Estate! Really

2011 Should Be a Fun Year to Work in Real Estate! Really“What?? Are you crazy? Is moonshine still a big draw in Charlotte?” you may say.

Sure, I’ve read the news and understand the dire straits the housing market is in. And, no, there is no gold rush (that I’m aware of…) coming to Charlotte; we’re getting hammered like everyone else. My reaction is just based on the sheer need of buyers and sellers to transact real estate Continue reading

Buying Multi-Family Properties

Buying Multi-Family PropertiesCommercial property investors have many different strategies and approaches to their investing business. Owning apartments is a great way to generate a steady cash flow. Many new investors focus on apartment complexes that may be run down or poorly managed. These can sometimes make great initial projects for investors because their start up cost is lower and they have generous potential for increased Continue reading

Preparing For a Home Appraisal

Preparing For a Home AppraisalMany Homeowners have a question in their minds on how do they prepare for a real estate appraisal on their property. The appraisal in many cases is the most import part of the buying and selling process which allows the transaction between buyer, seller, real estate agent and mortgage lender or bank to go smoothly.

Most homes that are sold or refinanced are appraised Continue reading