How Do the Services of Property Management Benefit Investors?

How Do the Services of Property Management Benefit Investors?Most investors consider the regular investment methods, such as bonds and stocks, too risky and shaky. Owning properties is thus a popular choice for many. After all investing in real estate, be it residential, industrial or commercial, involves lower risks, as compared to various other investment methods. The swelling popularity of property investment is evident from the growing demand of rental homes. People regard Continue reading

What Do I Do If My Tenant Stops Paying the Rent?

What Do I Do If My Tenant Stops Paying the Rent?Unfortunately, during a recession more and more tenants will struggle to pay their rent, especially because of the rise in unemployment. As a result, a previously perfectly good tenant may end up being a poor paying one within a matter of months.

Here are our top ten tips of what to do if your tenant stops paying rent:-

1. Check the tenancy agreement and identify Continue reading

Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your HomeWhen selling your home, you may feel as though you will be able to save money by not hiring a realtor. Unfortunately, many people make this mistake. Having a realtor can actually save you money and significantly speed up the selling process.

It can become quite complicated and annoying when one must figure out real estate transactions. In order to avoid this Continue reading

Beaches, Mountains and Cities Oh My!

Beaches, Mountains and Cities Oh My!Everyone has dreamed of their perfect home at some point or another. What it would be and where? How big would it be if money where no problem? Here are some common ideas..

– The beach home – Drive down the PCH in Malibu and you see the envy of every one around. Houses, right on the beach. Clear skies, blue water, mountains and the smell of salt water. The ocean breeze will make you forget Continue reading

The 4 HUGE Benefits of Blogging To Build Your Property Management Business

The 4 HUGE Benefits of Blogging To Build Your Property Management BusinessMany people think that Bloggers are people that have a lot of time on their hands and just feel like being heard. This article details why being a blogger for your Property Management Business is crucial in bringing in clients. Many Property Managers use their blog to advertise their properties only, which is a great idea. However I will show you why you want to use it for getting business, Continue reading

Building Package Tracking – Online Version

Building Package Tracking - Online VersionBuilding package tracking is a fast yet simple answer to the package handling needs within larger and small buildings. It makes sure that packages find their destination within the shortest possible time.

If you have ever lived in any apartment building, chances are high that you experienced a lost package system once or twice. And you know how painful the feeling is when you have to wait Continue reading

Getting Great Tenants – Step 5

Getting Great Tenants - Step 5Show the Rental Unit: Renting units is a skill, an art form. Successful people always have good sales skills. Develop yours, as it will make you a stronger landlord and it will have an impact on other parts of your life. Take an attitude that meeting and interacting with people is fun and interesting. Let that attitude shine through in your conversations. People can sense that, just like horses know when an earthquake Continue reading